Sonia Tamer, age 45, was born in São Paulo, attended L’Ecole de Beaux-Arts at Sorbornne where she lived 12 years and has held groups and individual exhibitions in Paris and  São Paulo.

In her work, Sonia expresses her doubts as well as a new perspective of the present world, emphasizing humanity’s opulence in a spiritualistic abstractive way.

“The world we will leave as a bequest to our children will depend on new values  about the future, ourselves and the way we face life”.

Her  work  tries to unite reality and dream, a theme that is very much in vogue due to globalization.

 “I tried to find inside myself the harmony that can exist within all human beings. In these canvases there are feelings and images from a world in constant transformation, visions of the future and reflections on what we will be”, she emphasizes.

With positive and humanistic expectations, her canvases display the melody of life and dreams that can come true.

Her strokes are free, frequently in open spaces, expressing freedom as the initial condition for all creative work. Paintings like “O Vale das Grutas”, “Enigma” and “Silêncio das Águas” show her free strokes and the use of colors that enter and leave the paintings like a promenade. Each person sees and notices various images depending on their imagination. This freedom in her work comes from the gathering of feelings that were put into it.

 “The artist is never alone. He carries the impressions of his reality as well as the seed for possible changes. From dream to reality,  all artists try to follow this path in each work they do”, says Sonia Tamer.