Curriculum Eng.


Sonia Tamer was born in 1959 in São Paulo. At the age 18 she left her country to fulfill a dream; an Degree in Arts, in Paris, France. Once in Paris, she got enrolled at Ècole National de Beaux Arts de Paris, Sorbonne and had the opportunity to study with artists and masters like: Joel KERMARREC, Michel GEMINIANI, Daniel SELENAR, Daniel LACOMME. She graduated with “High Honor” in 1986.


. 2001  André Art Galery, São Paulo, Brazil
. 1998 André Art Galery, São Paulo, Brazil
. 1995 André Art Galery, São Paulo, Brazil
. 1994 Lucia Dantas Galery, São Paulo, Brazil
. 1993 Lucia Dantas Galery, São Paulo, Brazil
. 1992 Hebraica Galery, São Paulo, Brazil
. 1988 Debret Galery,  Paris, France


. 2004   Made in Brazil , Brazilian Art II  - Group exposition, Washington, EUA
. 2003   XVII Art Show of  Granja Viana, Brasilian Britanic Institute, São Paulo,
. 2002   XXI Exposition of Contemporany Artists, Sociarte,  São Paulo ,Brazil
             Os Sete Baluartes do Abstracionismo Brasileiro,  New Galery Andre,
             São Paulo, Brazil
.  2001  Pallet of Cultures, Casseelberry, City Hall, Orlando, EUA
. 2000   Amate ulturagentur und, Galerie No. Tre, Berlim ,  Alemanha
. 1997   Chapel School’s Art Show, São Paulo, Brazil
. 1997  Abstract Painting Exposition, André Galery, São Paulo,     Brazil                        
            Chapel School’s Art Show, São Paulo, Brazil;
. 199    Salon Biennal Grand Palais, Paris, France;
             Exposition Blanc Papier, Espace Lattin-américain, Paris,   France
             Latin American Art Exposition, Brémem, Alemanha;
. 1988   Painting and Drawing Exposition,Espace Lattin-américain,
             Paris, France                      
             Drawings and Water Paintings, Grand Palais, Paris,                    
             Exposition Petits Formats 88, Espace Lattin-américain, Paris,  France
             Contemporary Art Exposition, Duhamel Library, Mantes La Joilie; France
             Exposition Rentrée des Artistes, Delpha, Paris, France;
. 1987   Salon Artistique de Clamart, Centre Culturel Jean Arp, Clamart; France
             Espace Latin-américain, Paris, France;

. 2001   Pallet  of Cultures, Casselberry, City Hall, Orlando, EUA

Works for Instituition

. 2002    Chamber Legislative of São Paulo
. 2001    Brasilian Britanic Institute, São Paulo, Brasil
. 1999   "Partner” Project for Bradesco-Templenton, São Paulo, Brasil
. 1995    Mural for Corps Corporation, São Paulo, Brasil